New app With Yoü

Hello, we’ve released a new App! It’s called With yoü

Don’t miss it! Download here!

– How does it work?
– We need two people and a smartphone.
– WithYoü will propose 10 questions that both of you will have to answer, without hurrying, enjoying the process.

– Simple, isn’t it?
Download it and find out why it’s such a great experience

Using WithYoü is very easy. Place the smartphone where the app will run so that the two (or more) users can view the screen comfortably, and initialize. WithYoü will start a round of ten questions, showing them one by one. All participants must answer them. The magic is in enjoying the process. Once you consider a question to be answered, press the Next button and a new question will be submitted, and so on, until the round is over.

The goal of WithYoü is to create a space of intimacy between people who, at the end of the game experience, will have connected in some way with other players, creating or strengthening their bonds. All this, in a fun and fluid way.

The inspiration for WithYoü was born from the experiment Arthur Aron carried out in his interpersonal relations laboratory at Stony Brook University, New York. Affirmative that through 36 questions it was very easy to fall in love with someone else. We take that idea as a basis and use it, not for love (although it can also happen and we would love to) but for the creation of emotional bonds between people. We wanted to create a truly social app, where the protagonists are the people and not the device.

We believe that it can also be of great help for people who are shy, socially phobic or who simply find it difficult to open up to others and create new bonds. In order to strengthen trusting ties in a short period of time with collaborators and work groups, it is also necessary to work as a team at a professional level.

We conceived WithYoü to be used between two people, for example, for a first date, or to create a starting point to meet new co-workers, but we have found that when we use it with close people, such as a couple or even with groups of friends, wonderful things happen. We encourage you to try it and tell us about the experience, to help us improve day by day.